TBT – Superman Edition

I’m a Superman fan. Duh. Lately I’ve noticed as renaissance of sorts with the classic John Williams Superman theme music. First heard back in 1978, the theme is as recognizable as Williams’s Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Jaws themes. In recent years, the theme was replaced with a leaner Hans Zimmer theme. It was heard […]

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Wish List

After 6 months of not posting, here is my third post in two days. I’m on a roll! This is all about the AF obsession. I love action figures. I’ve been a fan since childhood and collecting since the age of 20. I’ve had, lost and presently have more action figures than I can accurately […]

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I’m a Toy’s R Us Kid

The news about Toy’s R Us closing has been devastating. I truly am a Toy’s R Us kid. I recall the wonderful commercials, mostly at the holidays, pushing the brand. There was Geoffrey the giraffe, and the easy to remember jingle… More games, more toys, oh boy… So many iconic brands have disappeared because of […]

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It’s been awhile…

I created this blog to stay connected to my obsession with pop culture and action figures. Since I last posted, I’ve missed so much. Baby, I’m back! (pop culture reference) Since I last defended the heavily criticized Star Trek: Discovery in the early days of episodes 1 and 2, the first season ended with a […]

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Last Sunday CBS debuted the latest series in the storied history of the Star Trek Franchise. Mere hours later, all hell broke loose in geekdom. The two hour pilot, broken into two episodes aired as followed: CBS showed part one, “Vulcan Hello” and to legally watch part two, “Battle at the Binary Stars” required a […]



Farewell, sweet Summer! As I bid goodbye to my favorite season, I have one eye on the new season that is literally just days away. This Sunday The Orville premieres on Fox. Two weeks later, we’ll be treated to brand-new Star Trek with Star Trek: Discovery. Meanwhile, the hit movie of the summer, Wonder Woman […]