Yesterday I posted news and opinions from San Diego Comic Con. With so much new information in a single weekend, it was impossible to cover everything in a single posting.

What I missed yesterday was the second trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. I was a huge fan of the first trailer. The retro 80’s graphics totally sold it for me. That same love was included again in the newest trailer.

As a child of the 80’s, who still holds the Flash Gordon movie with that awesome theme song by Queen, and everything from that era made by Steven Spielberg in the highest regards, I’m looking forward to the latest Thor movie in a major way!

Speaking of Spielberg, there was also a teaser for his new movie: Ready Player One. I will admit I’m not familiar with the book, but as someone obsessed with pop culture, that will soon change.

In a story about Easter eggs, there are quite a few. I immediately caught the references to Iron Giant, Tron and Back To The Future. From what I’ve read, there are a lot more.

I can’t wait for March 2018.

One more thing on 80’s nostalgia. Stranger Things 2! They used Thriller by Michael Jackson to perfection in the trailer.

In my last post I spoke a little about Star Trek Discovery — mostly about the Klingons, new LGBTQ characters and Capt. Lorca.

I completely left out Rainn Wilson, who hosted the panel, and will also appear Harry Mudd.

But perhaps the biggest news was the revelation that Cmdr. Michael Burnham, played by the lovely Sonequa Martin-Green, is the adopted daughter of Sarek (James Frain), making her Spock‘s sister!

Have I mentioned how excited I am for Black Lightning? Cress Williams appeared at Comic Con looking buff. He even made it to the Comic Con edition of TV Guide!

Also, fan favorite Danny Trejo is the cast of the new Season of The Flash.

Welcome Michael Emerson (LOST) to the cast of Arrow!

There was also updates on Calista Flockhart and status on Supergirl. She will appear on the season premiere, then recur throughout the season. Hopefully more than the four episodes Cat Grant appeared on last season.

Carl Lumley is also set to appear in the new season of Supergirl as the father of J’onn J’onzz. More inspired casting, as Lumley is well known for voicing the Martian Manhunter on the long running Justice League cartoon that appeared on Cartoon Network.

I have

Finally, I had a few things to say about Mattel and their lack of new action figures at Comic Con for DC Multiverse.

Turns out, they do have new reveals. But they choose to roll them out exclusively with Action Figure Insider.

The new figures, on newly created bodies with added articulation, include Simon Baz Green Lantern, The Ray and Rebirth Wonder Woman.

For part one of this exclusive, go here


Image result for star trek discovery gif




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