First things first. Congrats to Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors on his second NBA Championship.

And also on signing that massive supermax 201 million dollar deal!

The action figure shown is from the presumed dead Jazwares NBA Heroes line, which included an X-Men Colossus style Lebron James, James Harden and Carmelo Anthony from my favorite NY Knicks, among others.

In my previous post, I wrote with excitement about my recent purchase of the Mezco One:12 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Superman action figure.

At the time I had not even removed it from the package. Well that has changed. The figure is absolutely stunning!

That lead me to a quick photoshoot, teaming Superman with a Mafex Dawn of JustTrinity 1ice Batman and a Mattel Toys R Us exclusive Wonder Woman.

I was very impressed with how the Mattel figure held it’s own.

But I’ve already pre-ordered the One: 12 Wonder Woman.

San Diego Comic Con is two weeks away. I’ve already given my wishlist in a previous post.

Now I need to add a Justice League One:12 Batman.

But I’m certain that’s a given.


And finally…

I’ve (cleaned) and updated my Superman Shelf. Figures have been added (First Appearance Superman, One:12). Others have been moved to the front (Christopher Reeve Superman).

Superman Shelf 2

Curious that the second most represented character is Brainiac


Related image


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