20170630_192021One of my favorite action figures is the First Appearance Superman that DC Collectibles (Then DC Direct) released several years ago.

It’s just a fun figure with a cool wire cape and an excellent head sculpt with awesome range of motion.

In fact, I’ve also recently purchased a similar figure.



This is the Legion of Collectors exclusive Funko Pop First Appearance Superman with a Action Comics #1 bubble card.

Both figures are appropriate, as we are celebrating the first superhero’s 79th anniversary!

For those who may not know, Superman was created by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel.

The two young Cleveland natives wrote and drew the first Superman adventure in June 1938.

One year later, Superman would be joined by Batman and superheroes as we know them were born!


This year, DC Comics printed the most recent Superman storyline, Superman Rebirth, merging classic history with the New 52 reboot.

DC Collectibles released a Superman Rebirth action figure, as part of it’s Justice League Rebirth multi figure pack.

Mattel is also scheduled to release a Rebirth Superman figure in the fall as part of their next DC Multiverse wave.


But perhaps the most exciting new action figure to feed my obsession is one of the new Mezco One: 12 additions…


This is the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Superman figure. I can’t wait to crack this open and add it to the rest of my collection.


The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Superman is just the latest in action figures based on actors to play the Man of Steel.

Mattel released figures for Superman Returns and Man of Steel. There were also 12″ Matty Collector exclusives based on Superman and Lex Luthor from the 1978 Superman movie.

NECA Toys also released an action figure based on the legendary Christopher Reeve Superman.

Hot Toys has released figures based on all three properties. My favorite (and only Hot Toys collectible) is an exclusive Superman Returns Clark Kent.

DC Collectibles (then DC Direct) released action figures based on Smallville.

You may notice the rare Tom Welling figure in my heading picture,


Mattel’s current wave of DC Multiverse figures are set for release any day now. Included in the set is Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow Ray Palmer A.K.A. The A.T.O.M.

The character is played by Brandon Routh, who played Superman before Henry Cavill. This will make Routh’s second action figure based on a superhero.

In addition to the A.T.O.M. helmet, the figure also comes with an alternate Ray Palmer head — making it awfully easy to customize a Superman Returns Superman — should anyone desire one.

This year, Michael Keaton also gets his second superhero action figure, albeit as a villain this time around. However, since the Spider-man: Homecoming Vulture action figure only comes with a masked head, it doesn’t count as much as Routh’s new figure does.

In this battle of Batman v Superman, Superman wins!


Image result for Brandon Routh GIF Clark


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