Hello world.

I’m back! Two weeks have passed, and I’ve ended one journey — with a new one peeking over the horizon. These are exciting times!

Since the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars, I’ve finally seen two of the movies I’ve anticipated all year.

First, was Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The first was an instant favorite for me.

The smart mix of comedy and sci-fi, with retro pop music and 80’s throwback filmmaking gave the first GOTG a fresh feel separating it from the other comic book movies.

Vol. 2 follows in a similar path, but the themes this time around are different. More emotion is injected into the various relationships, especially with the introduction of  Kurt Russell as Peter Quill‘s father Ego.

For me, the new focus weighed the movie down. I was expecting more fun and empty calories. Instead, what I got was heavy emotion and mixed feelings about the betrayal of a father and the (spoiler) of a surrogate father.

Add to that the story of sisters between Gamora and Nebula, and the slow simmering Peter and Gamora love story, my heart tugged more than I smiled.

None of that is to say I didn’t like Vol. 2 — because it totally rocked. I just didn’t like it as much as the first.

Added Obsession

Howard the Duck returns!

Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone both appear in Vol. 2 Although they share no scenes, this is the first time they’ve appeared in a movie together since Tango & Cash,

The Guardians will return!  (obviously) for a Vol. 3. But before that look for them in The Avengers: Infinity War.


The very next week came the premiere of Wonder Woman! Was it as good as Man of Image result


Steel, Batman V Superman or Suicide Squad?

The answer is: No contest!

Wonder Woman blows the previous three movies out of the water!

From the start in Paradise to the spoils of war, the movie is a feast for the eyes.

Patty Jenkins did something incredible that the boys couldn’t. She told a story that was cohesive and aspiring.

Gal Gadot was the prize of BVS and makes a believer out of us in the first ever Wonder Woman feature.

Cudos also go to Robin Wright for a breakout performance, and to Chris Pine for very nearly stealing the movie from from under the Amazon Princess.

Bring on the Justice League!

The wait is killing me!

Black Panther Teaser Trailer [HD]


And lastly,

Goodbye to a Dark Knight.

Rest In Peace Adam West.


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