There hasn’t been much about my action figure obsession recently, so I wanted to post something about the latest addition to my family…

Welcome the protocol droid fluent in over seven million dialects — C-3P0!

Released as part of Star Wars The Black Series, Threepio, comes with a red arm as seen in The Force Awakens. The figure is Number 29 in the series.

There also is a Walgreen’s exclusive figure with the standard gold arm, as well as one in the 40th anniversary Kenner retro packaging.

 R2-D2 was the second figure released in The Black Series, and is highly sought after on the secondary market. Artoo is also getting released with the 40th anniversary packaging.

With this current acquisition, the team is finally back together.

and just in time for the actual 40th anniversary in 5 days!

Thank the Maker!


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