Monday night’s episode of Supergirl featured the ultra adorable Lonnie Chavis as a young alien whom connected emotionally with James Olsen (Mechad Brooks)

Chavis is best known for his equally emotional role on NBC‘s heart tugging hit This Is Us.

But that only reminds me that another star of that show has yet to make a grand return to The CW.

Justin Hartley.

From 2006 until the pre-Superman series ended, Hartley played billionaire Oliver Queen and his alter-ego Green Arrow on Smallville.

Much like on the current standalone series, the Emerald Archer was a Batman stand-in — filling in as the shadowy vigilante opposite Clark Kent‘s eternal hope and light.

This is curious because superhero shows — especially CW superhero shows have a long history of referring lovingly to the past.

Smallville itself has featured many actors with Superman pedigrees. Annette O’Toole, who was Lana Lang in Superman 3 led all players as Martha Kent.

Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder both appeared on Smallville. As have Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher.

Over on The Flash, John Wesley Shipp, the actor who played  the lead on the 1990 CBS series, was cast as Barry Allen‘s father. Even more cleverly, Shipp is now playing the Earth 3 Flash.

Mark Hamill and Amanda Pays have also both appeared on the new Flash series. They have even played the exact same characters from the earlier show.

Helen Slater, an unknown when she was cast by the Salkinds to lead a big screen Supergirl movie, now recurs on the series as Kara Danvers‘ foster mother Eliza.

So what gives?

Why hasn’t  Hartley been shown the same love?

At best, Arrow has had more respect for Star Trek


Jeri Ryan appeared on a season 4 episode of Arrow titled “The Candidate“.

In the episode, Ryan played Jessica Danforth, a mayoral candidate and friend of Oliver’s late mother Moira Queen.

Ryan is probably best known as Seven of Nine from the fourth TV Show Star Trek: Voyager.

The character was a Borg drone rescued from the hive, and slowly restored to humanity.

The Borg were first introduced on Star Trek: The Next Generation in an episode titled: “Q Who“.

The Borg were the big bad in the massive hit Star Trek First Contact, led by the sultry Borg Queen (Alice Krige).

The popularity of the movie and the character prompted the creation of Seven.

Eventually, the Borg Queen and Seven of Nine had a confrontation. On television, Susanna Thompson took over the role.

Thompson also played Moira Queen on Arrow before being murdered at the hands of  Deathstroke.

Lastly, Green Arrow and his team were challenged that very same season by the magically enhanced Damian Darhk.

Darhk was portrayed by Neal McDonough, who coincidentally enough made his big screen debut as the ill-fated Lt. Hawk in…

Star Trek First Contact!

So again, why hasn’t Justin Hartley appeared?


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2 thoughts on “…TO BE SOMETHING ELSE…

  1. Primeiro fora Eu gostaria de dizer maravilhoso blog!

    Eu tinha uma pergunta rápida isso eu gostaria de pedir
    se você don ‘ t mente. Eu era curioso saber como você concentre-se e limpar sua mente antes
    escrevendo. Eu tenho tinha problemas limpando meu
    pensamentos na obtenção de meu ideias lá fora. Realmente
    faço ter prazer em escrevendo mas parece ser os primeiros 10 a 15 minutos são geralmente perdido só tentando descobrir como começar.
    Qualquer ideias ou dicas? Obrigado !


    1. En primer lugar, gracias por leer! Ayuda a tener una pasión por lo que está escribiendo. Luego, escriba pacientemente sus pensamientos y compruebe si hay errores. ¡Cada vez que usted se sienta para escribir que consigue más fácil!


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