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Last night‘s episode of Supergirl finally revealed the endgame of Mon-el‘s mother, Daxam Queen Rhea, played to deliciously evil perfection by Teri Hatcher.

 It’s been an absolute joy to welcome Ms. Hatcher back to the world of Superman. She is considered one of the best actresses to portray the role of ace reporter, and Superman’s girlfriend (and eventual wife) Lois Lane on the 90’s hit series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Hatcher made her Supergirl debut on the season 2 episode “Exodus” — which also featured her Lois & Clark co-star Dean Cain, as well as Hercules legend Kevin Sorbo.

What few people know, is that Sorbo was originally considered for Lois & Clark until, ironically, Teri Hatcher was cast and the producers decided to go younger.

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Also on the episode was actress Brenda Strong, who has recurred on Supergirl all season as mother of Lex and Lena LuthorLillan Luthor.

Strong and Hatcher were previously cast mates on the hit ABC series Desperate Housewives, a show that ruled Sunday nights at 8PM, much the same way Lois & Clark had 11 years before!

On Housewives, Hatcher played Susan Mayer, a goofy and lovable children’s book author. Strong portrayed the occasionally seen and always heard narrator Mary-Alice Young.

Mary-Alice’s death by suicide was the catalyst for a mystery that would ultimately last the entire series.

Also of interest, in a season one episode titled “Who’s That Woman?” Susan had a wacky run in with a cable guy played by actor John Haymes Newton.

Newton portrayed Superboy in the first season of the popular 80’s syndicated series of the same name.Image result for john haymes newton superboy

Lastly, the second season of Desperate Housewives introduced a new mystery, and a new family.

It also introduced us to a newcomer by the name of Mechad Brooks!


Supergirl is Teri Hatcher’s second foray back into the Superman universe. In a season 10 episode of Smallville, Hatcher took on the role of Lois Lane’s (Erica Durance) mother.

Hatcher was one in an exclusive line of former Lois’ to ultimately play the character’s mother.

Noel Neill, the first live action Lois, played mom to a pre-teen version in 1978‘s Superman: The Motion Picture.

And Adventure’s of Superman‘s Phyllis Coates played Hatcher’s mom in the first season of Lois & Clark.


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