With so much going on in the movies, comics and on TV, it’s wonderful to be a DC Comics fan right now!

As an action figure collector, the excitement for Wonder Woman and the Ares Collect N Connect are off the scale!

Plus the next wave of DC Comics Multiverse are on the horizon, followed by this Fall’s Justice League

But I wanted to compile a list of figures that I really want in the coming year. With San Diego Comic Con fast approaching, I will compare my list with what may be offered up.

Keep in mind, this list is for Mattel’s action figures and not the fragile crap DC Collectibles tends to release.

As a refresher…


Remember Sad Flash. I sure do.

With that out of the way, my list.

SUPERMAN ( from Supergirl)

That should be a no-brainer. I have an entire shelf of action figures dedicated to the Last Son of Krypton.

While I’m not a huge fan of the costume, I love the interpretation. He deserves a figure and I’m 99.9% certain Mattel will present one before the year is out.

KILLER FROST (from The Flash)

I’m a big fan of The Flash Killer FrostCaitlin Snow, and dread the thought of losing her to the villainous ice princess, but at the same time, her look is so flipping cool (pun sort of intended).


As much as I love the Arrow version of Slade Wilson, the current comic book version is in desperate need of a 6″ refresh.

The Batman Unlimited version from Arkham Asylum is expensive on the secondary market and already dated.

KID FLASH (from The Flash)

Another character from the The Flash that must get his own figure! FYI, of the series, The Flash already has the most in the DC Comics Multiverse line ( Four).

I’m sure a Collect N Connect Savitar wouldn’t be opposed.


A Great Arrow character that would also make a great figure.Image result for Rick Gonzalez Arrow Mad Dog


Diggle deserves a figure with his helmet!


Mattel has a hard time making kid figures look like kids. They already have a Damian Wayne Robin exclusive coming to Toys R Us. A Jon Kent Superboy would go nicely, but only if he looked like a kid!


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