Image result for doritos guardians of the galaxy cassette bagOn Friday, Doritos announced a special bag featuring a working cassette deck that played the entire soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The bag was allegedly available on Amazon.

I never actually saw the bag for sale, but there an option to sign up if this is anything more than a promotional stunt.

The next wave of DC MULTIVERSE is available for preorder at Big Bad Toy Store. The series includes Rebirth Batman, Legends of Tomorrow The Atom, plus Batman family characters The Reaper, Batwing, and Duke Thomas as he appeared in the “We Are Robin” series.

The Collect and Connect is the tech suit Jim Gordon wore as when he became Batman.

 The wave is scheduled for June.

And Finally, Amazon surprised me by delivering The Star Wars Black Series 40th Anniversary Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.

I originally pre-ordered them back in February for an April 25th delivery, but the figures were delayed until the end of May.

Shortly after Fed-Ex delivered the package Saturday morning, Amazon sent out an email. they were proud that the order was early — when it was actually four days late!

Oh well…

Image result for hasbro star wars black series 40th anniversary logoImage result for hasbro star wars black series 40th anniversary logo


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