…If I can’t hold you tonight.

Dan Hartman

My Bestie picked up the long awaited (by some) Blu-Ray release of 80’s cult classic STREETS OF FIRE.

 For those with nary a clue what this movie is about — or that it even ever existed — it’s the story of a sultry rock n roll babe who is kidnapped by the leader of a biker gang, and has to be rescued by a hunky loner with a shotgun and a retro cowboy duster.

It may not sound like much more than a B movie that may or may not air on The Movie Channel on a sleepy Sunday afternoon, but it was actually a critical darling back in 1984 ( not to be confused with Orwell‘s timely novel), earning a top ten song on the Billboard charts with the aforementioned “I Can Dream About You“.

Unfortunately, the box office wasn’t as plentiful. To be fair, the movie had a lot of competition that summer. Including Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, the sequel to
what many consider the best Star Trek ever — Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Streets of Fire was directed by Walter Hill, and starred a smoking hot Diane Lane, Rick Moranis in a dramatic turn, the late, great Bill Paxton, and a rising newcomer named…Willem Dafoe.

The male lead was played by the handsome Michael Paré, previously seen in another cult classic with a winning soundtrack named Eddie & The Cruisers, and compared by many to John Travolta.

Before that, He was regular on the short-lived genre series The Greatest American Hero.

For this 2017 Collector’s Edition, new artwork was commissioned. The film already had a pulp fiction, graphic novel feel, and previous artwork helped conveyed the movie’s mood.

In 2008, there was a psuedo-sequel titled: Road to Hell directed by Albert PyunMichael Paré reprised his role as Cody.

Lastly, it hasn’t been lost on me that 33 years after Streets of Fire’s release, Diane Lane and Willem Defoe will grace the big screen once again in November as cast members of the highly anticipated Justice League.

Streets of Fire Trailer

Special thanks to Carlos Lopez!


Image result for streets of fire blu ray png


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