I speak a lot on this blog about Star Wars, but truth be told, I’m probably an even bigger Star Trek fan. And of course I also love Batman, so I totally geek out when the two meet in fantastic ways.

Tonight, Gotham returns to FOX. And just as Arrow had previously featured, Ra’s Al Ghul makes his Batman prequel debut!

This will make the third live action appearance of the character.

He was first brought to the big screen by Liam Neeson (Star Wars) in the brilliant Batman Begins.

then seen on Arrow played by Matt Noble.

Now Gotham is taking a stab at him (pun intended), and they’ve cast Alexander Siddig!

Why am I excited? Again, I’m a huge Star Trek¬†fan, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is without a doubt, my absolute favorite!

On the 1993 syndicated series, a spin-off of the massively popular Star Trek: The Next Generation, Siddig played Dr. Julian Bashir.

Fans of the show will agree that the character got off to a rocky start. The good doctor came off as over eager and arrogant, but as time went on, endeared himself to us.

Welcome back to genre television!


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