Arrow Returns!

Back in 2012, I sat in my room in The Bronx and watched the premiere of a new show on The CW called: Arrow. This was shortly after Smallville had ended.

Previously, This Is Us‘s Justin Hartley had portrayed the Emerald Archer as a Batman stand-in working with the future Superman. The new series, produced by Greg Berlanti, was going to be different. More grounded. More like Chris Nolan‘s Dark Knight saga.

Steven Amell deftly held the bow and arrow — and presented his own take on the character with salmon ladders and war paint in place of a domino mask.

Season one started slow, but ended with a bang. Season two defined the show as a force in the emerging popularity of superhero movies and television.

Arrow v Deathstroke. The introduction of Canary and Roy Harper! It was one of the finest seasons of action and adventure on television!

Unfortunately, that led to season three. Not horrible, but Manu Bennett proved to be a hard act to follow. This was the season that ushered in the fan inspired pairing of Oliver Queen and perky Felicity Smoak

…Also known as, the beginning of the end.

Season Four, which featured a fun villain in Damian Darkh, suffered terribly from soap opera drama, ridiculous plots and the inexcusable death of a major comic book character — The Black Canary!

It was also the season that saw lines drawn in the sand. Hardcore comic book fans protested. Olicity cheerleaders howled at the protesters.

Reddit went bananas, and Arrow’s producers went on Twitter tirades. Things got ugly. But as Harvey Dent once opined: It’s always darkest before the dawn.

the blacklash and criticism led to the current season four. What a turnaround!

Congratulations to the stars, writers and producers for listening. Arrow is back!

And so is Katie Cassidy!

Image result for arrow wild dogDinah Drake and Black Siren. [Credit: The CW]

Along with Rick Gonzalez and Julie Harkavy!

The rest of season 5 looks to be a blast.

Arrow | Season 5 Sizzle | The CW


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