Sad Flash

When DC Collectibles announced the huge action figure set, featuring all 7 members of the Justice League, I went crazy!

I mean, who doesn’t like the Justice League?

Justice League teaser posterJustice League

So I was more than happy to shell out $80 bucks (plus shipping) for the Rebirth 7-Pack.

Right off the bat (no pun intended) Batman is awesome. Superman is shorter than I would like, and Wonder Woman is absolutely fantastic!  

It’s when I get to The Flash that I have a problem.

Supes is my fav (check some of my other posts for proof), Batman is next, but after the big two (three if you count Wonder Woman) — I’m a huge Flash fan.

I have the original 90’s series on DVD. I love the CW show, and I completely geek out when the two TV worlds collide (SPOILER ALERT! I’m still pissed they killed off Julio Mendez!)

That means I was really looking forward to The Flash figure from the Rebirth set. He would be super posable and ready for picture taking for my shiny new blog. Except, out f the package, this happened…


That really sucked. Especially when the Mattel version I’ve had for a few years is just as sturdy as ever.

I reached out via email to:, but so far they haven’t responded.

I’d heard in the past that they’ve offered solutions to resolve such problems with their products, but I guess those day are over.

Or maybe DC Collectibles just doesn’t care anymore.

Plus, I don’t want to repack and return the whole set to the small business I bought it from just because of one bad figure. It isn’t their fault.

So now I have #SadFlash…

…and a healthy fear of future DC Collectibles products.


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