My Superman

I’ve been a geek my entire life. Anyone who knows me, knows Superman is my biggest hero. Some think he is too strong, or too corny, but I don’t see any of that. I’m just as big of a Clark Kent fan. Not the clumsy goof Clark, but the man who needs a little time off from being the Man of Steel.

With that said, Christopher Reeve made it work. He made it all work. Good Superman, bad Superman and big glasses Clark Kent.

Much love to all that have put on the red cape after him, but Mr. Reeve defined the role.

The Christopher Reeve Foundation is a great organization that I’ve supported for years. Please be a hero and do your part. Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

Lastly, when Henry Cavill auditioned for Man of Steel, he wore an iconic suit.Cavill-Reeve-Superman-Costume

I love it!


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