superman-4fa542ee37616 Literally — Since I was old enough to comprehend shapes, sounds and colors I was attracted to the geek side of things. Superman is my hero. Batman a close second — and everyone else closely behind.

Before smartphones and virtual reality, there was the imagination. It still exists, but the fresh and new are going away for the sure thing.

I can remember when a superhero movie was a unicorn. There have always been TV shows, and Saturday morning cartoons. But big screen interpretations of comic books were risky. Imagine that!

Superman, appropriately enough was the first to grace the silver screen from a major studio. That film, directed by Richard Donner, was bright, hokey and filled with enough hope to inspire all of us.

Over a decade after the first Christopher Reeve movie (soon followed by three more!) was released, came the massive and magnificent Michael Keaton Batman motion picture.

Those were event films, and treated as such.

Today, superhero movies are unfortunately like fast food restaurants. There are more than enough to feed your appetite, and some are better than others.

Yet even with splashier effects, and shared universes, the corporate synergy is starting to look more like the ultimate big bad than Thanos.

I miss the days of happy meal tie-ins and companion cereals. In it’s place are basically 2 hour previews for the next movie.

While I’m certainly looking forward to the new Wonder Woman movie and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, I’m also worried that these films will leave me hanging literally — until Justice League and Avengers:  Infinity War, respectively.

The end of 1978’s Superman The Movie promised us that Superman would return for Superman II, and he did. The end of 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice made no such promise, but the subtitle kind of  gives the secret away.

If someone were to ask am I happy with this next generation influx of superhero movies and TV shows, my answer will be a full throated: Hell yes!

Thank you Netflix for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Thank you 20th Century Fox for Deadpool.

And a big thank you to Warner Bros. for finally bringing Wonder Woman and Aquaman to the big screen!

Just don’t forget the magic and wonder that allowed us to believe a man could fly 39 years ago.

Now, on to action figures…


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